Monday, 31 March 2008

The Videodrome mk IV

Monday, 31 March 2008

whilst im safely tucked away in my post V fest stupor please enjoy these awesome videos that ive stumbled over today.. not the only thing ive stumbled over.. sleeping in the park at lunch has never been sooooo good.

This is another piece of nevereverland genius.. this time from the Presets- i seriously cant get over the crowd reaction in the two
modular nevereverland videos that ive come across. people were clearly having fun. f-u-n.
the presets played an amazing set at daft punk, and when they played 'my people' i reckon sydney probably sunk a couple of metres because of the large amount jumping that occured. why do people jump when they dance? hmmm......

to get a bit of a sneaker peeker into the presets new album go and have a look at Waves At Night

I just got this 'hook up' from modular as well.. its pretty cool- if you thought that your attempts at making music by blowing into bottles at parties were good you should check this out.
word around the campfire is that it will be part the 'video mix up' that Cut Copy are throwing together after the popularity of their so cosmic mix.. welllll i think you should be the judge of that

haha how obscene is the screen shot that youtube has used

i think the truth ACTUALLY is that I want to be in that pool RIGHT NOW- even if the water is white and filled with men. damn the terrible monday.. im not sure that tomorrow will be any better either.

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