Tuesday, 1 April 2008

lack of efforts

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

ok.. everyone can get their relief on- my mind is now working properly again. PHEW. wow what a fun V fest it was.. i liked it cos it kind of seemed a bit chillaxed. i won't bore those of you that werent there with the details but will say that queens of the stone age, cut copy and the presets rocked out. as did duran duran.
kudos to the presets as well- after being asked to finish up they fooled the stage manager by saying they would play one more and then actually played 3 songs one after the other. good on you lads.
i wonder if the presets have ever considered getting a cheerleading team/harem together and calling them the presettes? mwahaha. LAME.
As a final bit of V reflection- does anyone else think that cut copy and the presets have recently seemed less into it compared to never ever land? i do.

after V fest we had a nice little party. and this party made me realise the awesomeness of mixes.. getting up to constantly change tracks is ANNOYING.. im not saying that i hadn't realised this before, but the 2 metre walk to the laptop was frustrating.. and my lack of desire to make the trek made me a nothing/a myth. apparently. so- if you find yourself in a similar situation please put these awesome new mixes on.. am enjoying my recent lack of activity in regards to choice of music.. ahhhhh

Excuse Me - April 08 Promo

Magic Happens Modular Mix

also- check out Ash le Rouge and Will Hawthorn's new mix at Disco Delicious- it is.. uber good and chillaxed.

*i realised after i listened to the Verbena Selected mix the other day that most of it wasn't properly beatmatched.. i reckon that probably the worst thing to hear whilst trying to relax is a double beat. sorry for that.. not sure why someone would send a dj mix that isnt put together properly*

as a bit of a postscript.. you cant make ze mix without ze trax.. so... here are some tracks..

these two songs just got sent into us by Yakushi.. he is a young buck from Portugal that is just starting out in this game and needs some love.. when i first heard heard his sound i sort of thought that it reminded me of a trashier bagraiders/knightlife or a slightly more accessible bloody beetroots.. pretty rad.

Yakushi - Frank Miller

Yakushi - xDesire

Check out his myspace

also check out these two mad remixes of "beeper" by sinden and the count. tough goodness:

Sinden and the Count - Beeper (A-Trak Remix)

Sinden and the Count - Beeper (Detboi Remix)

giddy up.

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Banana said...

yakushi's stuff is top class.... great find

equally ace blog too.
keep it up

cheers for the tracks
xx. CB