Monday, 7 April 2008

The Videodrome mk V

Monday, 7 April 2008

ok super rushed post for today.. for once im busy at work.. apologies- hopefully ill be able to snake a bit of time to make a better post sooooonnn.

FIRSTLY- super excited about the new presets album- ive started to have smashed song recollections from various festivals as ive started to hear more and more songs off Apolcalypso- hilarious.
its true that you can listen to the entire album on the presets myspace page but you should really truck on over to hyperbole site to catch some awesome preset mp3ness.. so impressed with everything ive heard..

..and seen apparently- the clip for 'this boys in love' is amazement. check check

as a sidenote, last week i went down to semi-permanent which was awesome.. as lame as it sounds i actually do feel inspired/enlightened.. also a bit sick but im not sure that semipermanent had anything to do with that.. it was funny watching a smashed anthony lister literally waving goodbye to the audience as he held up a voice recorder playing roger ramjet to his mic.. whilst not the most interesting speech, the directors bureaus work was really interesting.. i was hoping to post up a really confronting clip by an unknown artist of people crying but cant seem to find it so here are two others that are really nice- if your into designy stuff/cinematography/music/videos/life/death.

Blonde Redheads - 23

Feist - I Feel It All
*apparently theres a part in this where Feist gets hit in the eye with fireworks and starts running around- keep eyes peeled*

for everyone into a bit of French house (which is everyone in the world), Waves at Night has just run an awesome interview with Fred Falke and posted some mad remixes that i hadn't ever heard before.. always nice when that happens.. go and check these beats out cos they are off the heezy yo..

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