Thursday, 10 April 2008

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Thursday, 10 April 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

it is such a satisfying feeling for me when i find music that is perfect for walking.. walking long distances is always such a punish. and because it is an active activity, dancey beats that are good to walk to are often good to bust out in a dj set..

the other day, blouse got sent a bunch of tracks from Spanish producer Sidechains but because i was so busy i didnt get a proper chance to listen to it til i was walking home that night.. and DAMN was i impressed. or satisfied.. instant walking classics!

its hard to believe, but Sidechains was invented less than a year ago- he decided to ditch a career in advertising as a copyrighter/ jingle creator to become a full time producer. already one of his tracks has been picked up by Pistol (a sub label of EMI)..
his experience making beats for ads makes the production of his tracks sound so damned clean and pro.. his wide range of influences also help to throw a bit of awesome in the mix - he has penned industrial metal bands Nine Inch Nails, Ministry, Prodigy and Faith No More right through to more electronic offerings like Daft Punk, Chemical Brothers, Underworld, Cut Copy, Crookers, Justice and Midnight Juggernauts as influences..

i dont know if im looking in the wrong places, but havent found too many tracks (from up and coming producers) on the blogs as polished, professional or.. complete as Sidechain's..
besides the slick production, there are so many things to gush about with these tracks. big ticks to Sidechains for the range of diverse, multi-layered sounds that he has used. i love that no two songs sound the same. have a listen for yourself but his wide range of musical influences are pretty obvious- as well as shades of 80's hip house and mid 90's trance.. awesome

Sidechains - Dance While You Can

Sidechains - Dr. Funk

Sidechains - Real

Sidechains - Turn Your Body On

Sidechains - Waiting So Long

Waiting So Long is his newest song and it has also been featured on an awesome dj mix by the awesome GRUM (if you don't know him CHECK HIM OUT- he is off the hook.)

keep real

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