Tuesday 15 April 2008


Tuesday 15 April 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

all seems to be quiet up in the western front.. very quiet.. a little too quiet..

hmmm i went to pnau on friday which was pretty awesome- i missed van she which sucked big balls but i think i got over it..
we got into the enmore as breakbot was about halfway through his main set.. he was playing pretty stereotypical french tracks by sebastiAn and datA (apparently its quite the done thing to put capital letters in the middle of your name in France)- and i have to say that the crowd wasnt really getting into it. i could be wrong though because for some reason we were stuck behind a pointless barrier in the middle of the theatre. can anyone tell me why this barrier was there?

pnau themselves were awesome. im pretty sure that they were too smashed to play their instruments but that was ok because the cds or mp3s that they played instead sounded good. pretty sure that even the mic was turned right down.
oh well i think it must have been a combination of pnau's smashed enthusiasm, live drums, giant beachballs, costumed individuals and rad tunes that got me into it.. WHOO!

Pnau - Baby (Aston Shuffle Just Whoa Mix)

Pnau - Baby (Sam La More Mix)

Pnau - Baby (Breakbot Mix)

in less related news- due to the overwhelming quietness on this front (and the weird mist-style rain) ive found myself listening to some dubby, deep and maybe slightly progressive beats... these songs are awesome but not sure whats going on in my head... its weird how the weather can affect my choice of beat.. wweeeeiiirrrrrrd

Jon Pegnato - Throw Me Down

Moonbootica - Strobelight

Cirez D - Horizons

anywayz.. to finish off today id just like to get my finger and put it in some form of hole to make a plug. twice.
First, ive just finished a design for a new skateboard company called Totem Decks. if you live in sydney, you should come along to the opening party/skateboard art exhibition at China Heights gallery on the 30th of May.. will be a fun night!

second, me and perhaps some other blousey characters will be deejaying Bamboozled Cocktail Night@Fringe Bar on thurs night.. if you live in Australia make your way down to Fringe on thurs (or weds if you live in remote areas) and enjoy some cocktails and sweeeet as beats..

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