Thursday, 1 May 2008


Thursday, 1 May 2008

© Alix Smith

*cos i couldnt be assed writing proper sentences and paragraphs.*


- my headphone cable getting wrapped around the armrest of my chair and which then makes my headphones fall off my desk when i pull my chair out.
- having a cold and waking up in the middle of the night gasping because my nose is blocked.
- any form of goat. especially the mountain variety. actually thats not true i just hate the mountain goats.
- dj 'mixtapes', 'demos' or 'promos' that arent beatmatched.
- people trying to be tough and making points.
- hearing people eat apples.
- not having money with which to purchase food or entry into entertainment venues.
- blog music like hostage and the usually awesome boy 8-bit


- inadvertent boob or etc shots on nitelife photography sites.
- awesome *beatmatched* mixes by djs like the Gameboys and the Kinky Afro crewzzzz
Disco Punch - the Gameboys (awesome- a throw back to the banggang podcasts.. something like 6 songs in the first 3 minutes... whhooaaaaa)
Kinky Afro Djs- May Mix mad O-S shite
- blog music like sebastian, anoraak and the perenially awesome russ chimes
- awesome producers and djs doing equally awesome interviews for blouse... will share loving SOON
- sharing love SOON.
- lykke li's amazing music and grainy, semi-sepia 60's/70's style photography that she has taken off her myspace. and her video for little bit. ive got to say im a sucker for sun flares in video and photos.
- sun flares.
- being totally unpredictable, cunning and WILD with link placement.
- trying to pretend that a shitty blog entry like this one is actually half decent.


Steve said...

1.Intro (The Outlaws Damn Arms)
2.Numaniod – Feadz
3.Knockout (80kidz remix) – The Shoes
4.Pop Dat Pussy – Duke Dumont
5.J’aime Pas L’Art 2007 – datA
6.Bring That – Hey Now
7.Fun Punch (Bag Raiders remix) – Bag Raiders
8.Fun Punch (Calling in Sick remix)/ GameBoys Throw D’s Boot – Bag Raiders
9.A New Sky – The Presets
10.We Are All Prostitutes (Crookers remix) – Adam Sky vs. Mark Stewart
11.Genesis (Chewy Chocolate Cookies remix) – Justice
12.Colours for Cajuan…- To Shades
13.Supernatural – Hey Now
14.Lights and Music (Moulinex remix) – Cut Copy
15.Cold Act Ill – Classixx
16.Stereophonic (Short Cut) – Kris Menace and Spooky
17.Distressed (Bonde Do Role remix) – The Death Set
18.Ironical Sexism (GRUM remix) – Revolte
19.Hold Me Down (Yuksek remix) – Primary 1
20.INXS Bootleg – The Heat
21.Stand Up Tall – Dizzee Rascal
22.Let’s Buy Happiness – Boys Noize
23.Gym Tonic – Bob Sinclair
24.Hit Me with the Horns – Zombie Disco Squad
25.Go Back – GRUM
26.Mad Again (Diplo Club Edit) – South Rakkas Crew
27.Holiday – Madonna
28.Work On You - MSTRKRFT
29.Disco Sirens – Midfield General
30.Oh! (A-Trak remix) – Boys Noize
31.How I Wish a Better Mix – Database
32.Beeper (A-Trak remix) – Sinden and The Count of Monte Cristal
33.Aurora (Riot in Belgium and Knightlife remix) – Alex Gopher
34.BanGer – AC Slater
35.D.V.N.O. (Surkin remix) – Justice
36.Catch Me If You Can (Bag Raiders remix) – Headman
37.Kill Bill – LA Riots
38.Love to Edit – Crookers
39.Insomnia (GameBoys Pra Dancar Boot) – Faithless
40.45 Overdrive – REDIAL
41.My Girl Wants To – Top Billin
42.Lo Sforzo (Kill the Noise remix) – Ocelot
43.B.T.T.T.T.R.Y (CSK OK remix) – K.I.M
44.Teckno Party – Bag Raiders
45.Sirens (Black Lights remix) – Dizzee Rascal
46.Discohouse – Gameboy/ Gamegirl
47.Spinal Beats – Thomas Bangalter
48.Baby (Breakbot remix) – PNAU
49.The GameBoys - Thank You for Listening

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