Tuesday, 27 May 2008

de moss

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

photo by Jack Walsh

im trying to put together my first proper promo cd and it aint easy let me tell you.. it took me many minutes and seconds to learn the most basic of parts of ableton, but by far the hardest part of the whole process is deciding which songs are going on..

do i want it to be techy? housey? chilled? banging? indy-e? miamicrunktechdeepjunglebass?
my thinking behind the whole thing is that i have to send it in as an hour clip of the sort of music i will play at the club/night im giving the cd to..
but what happens if the club/night plays all music from hip hop to funk to bangers?!? shit.

im feeling the whole upbeat indy house thing though - pretty safe in this day and age..

GoodBooks - Turn It Back (Lo Fi Fnk Mature Remix)

GoodBooks - Passchendaele (KGB Remix)

GoodBooks - The Illness (Herve Dub Remix)

The Sunshine Underground - Borders (GoodBooks Remix)

have never really heard of Good Books before but holy shit everything that i have heard from them whether it was them remixing or being remixed has been straight up GOLD.. but i guess the only relevant critique i can give about them is on their Sunshine Underground remix.. and it is awesome.. mad melodious strummy intro that drops into an *almost* hard bassline..
i reckon this track is one of the few that ive heard that properly falls between banger and indie house..
if only i could find an hours worth of them..

anyways- despite being quite confused about the whole thing ill post it up here soon so yeah.. keep your eyes peeled or some shit.

here is an old skool mix that me and my bro Sean Kelly did...

Steve and Sean Kelly's Exposed promo

the first birthday of our night Exposed is on this fri and i guess this mix is like a throwback to the early days for us.. hello to seano prawno, staky and gbang if your reading- get ready for a massive one this weekend kids and many pats on the back for all the hard Exposed yards!

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Branden said...

Those Turn It Back and Illness remixes are no longer available :(