Friday, 30 May 2008

happy birthday to ya

Friday, 30 May 2008

Photo by Hobo Gestapo

wow i dont think ive been this excited for a weekend in a long time.. seriously cannot wait for the Exposed first birthday tonight! woooot...

as this week draws to a close so too does my promo cd.. pretty excited by that.. i think my fave part of the whole shebang was choosing the slow down songs toward the end..
i dont really know why but some songs really strike me as 'end of dj set' or 'end of dj mix' songs. ive heard a couple of really nice ones recently as well..

The Sound of Arrows - Danger! (Cotton Crew Remix)

Goldfrapp - Happiness (Rex The Dog Remix)

i think that a last song should be quite an emotional song, with heaps of nice synth-ee bits over the top. i think it should preferably be in a minor key.
i think the cotton crew remix is looking like a likely candidate at this stage- such a nice song- not to sound corny or anything but for some reason it reminds me of disgusting morning light shining through a window after a massive night.. bad in a good way... (or is it good in a bad way..?)

however.. something VERY good in a VERY good way is the madness that will ensue tonight.. if your reading this and live in canberra- come down to transit bar tonight- it will be so much fun your head will probably fall off.

i think i will pass on some bangers to leave you with on this awesome friday.

Supabeatz - Alchemy whats up with "Supabeatz"???

autoKratz - 1000 Things

Ascii Disko - Until The Light Takes Us

YEAAAHHHH bangers.. bang bang bang bang SIIZZZZLLLEEERRRRSSS
haha these tracks are your typical electro bangers-- very repetitive but somewhow very compelling.. i like these ones in particular because they seem to have some sort of indie edge to them.. i dont really have anything to qualify that but whatever- put them on when you get home still munting tonight or whenever and annoy some neighbours

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StraightNoChasa said...

Great post, I totally agree with you on how an ending of the set track should be... here's the one I like to use - Ocelot's remix of Robyn, Be Mine