Wednesday, 4 June 2008

ten hoop'n

Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Photo by Pieter Ten Hoopen

wow this weather is making me tired....... so tired.
the thought of staying in bed on a rainy day is so compelling.. i dont know why i never do it.
thank god y'all arent sitting near me today- i think my tiredness and general boredom is starting to filter through to the people sitting near me..

anyhoozz.. weve had some pretty cool stuff sent to us recently here at blouse..

Patrick L threw through his NEWNEWNEW remix of Eric Prydz's Pjanoo as well as a LIVE DJ mix (always more impressive) from Gothenburg in Sweden..

Eric Prydz - Pjanoo (Patrick L Remix)

Patrick L LIVE @ Gothenburg

the Eric Prydz remix is pretty radtastic.. in a very euro-house rave sort of way. very uplifting but also one of those diverse tracks that you can not only listen to on your 'pod but also bang away at in some form of night club. LOVE the one minute halftone chord ending.. very mooooody.. makes me wanna start singing "I WANT MY... I WANT MY MTV.."
his DJ mix was a bit unusual.. literally mixing funky and more commercial sounding house in with hard electro and fidget.. not an easy thing to do but somehow mr pat L made it work..

im not sure if many of you have this but its a bit different and so i guess ill share..

Mystery Jets - Hideaway (Home Demo)

apparently this is a bit of an early days demo of Hideaway.. i like it, its a bit rough and raw and has cool computery drums.. the vox are brought out heaps by the rougher sounding beats. such a good thing.

chris from spank rock also recently finished a DJ mix for Shilo's "We Make It Good" series..

Shilo presents We Make It Good Vol 2 mixed by Chris Devlin

this mix is PERFECT for working/listening & chilling to.. it really reminds me of the so cosmic mix that Cut Copy did.. i love it when people that are bigger music nerds than me show all their beats off..

finalllly.. the ocelot remix of robyn's track 'be mine' was brought to my attention by BlakeLight earlier this week.. man this track is awesome!

Robyn - Be Mine (Ocelot Mthfkrs Remix)

Robyn - Be Mine

sure, it is very commercial and almost MOS sounding but it is sooo catchy.. keep coming back to it.
and it is a totally perfect song for the end of a set.. if youre playing in that sort of a club. totes.
this song also sent me on a bit of a girl power mish. and for that i thank it because i found this song.

Kleerup - Until We Bleed (feat Lykke Li)

pure chilled bliss.
which is good for my ears when im this tired

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Elle. said...

this kleerup song is great!