Tuesday 10 June 2008

cool off

Tuesday 10 June 2008

Photo by Arnaude La Jeunie

i really cannot think today at all. damn long weekends.. they seem so awesome before they start, but the things that happen on them quite often make your head all sore and fucked after..
also, thank christ for candy's.. it really isnt easy to go out in this town wthout an adequate number of girls.. props to Hey Now as well- played such a wikked set.. i would never have thought that i would ever dance to a remix of queen or ac/dc before seeing them play on sun night..

anyways.. i was thinking after looking around the blogzzz and what not recently that there isnt a real sense of direction in dance/electronic music of late..
correct me if im wrong but i reckon that theres no one style of dance etc that is overwhemingly popular.. not long ago nu-rave seemed to be all i was hearing and not long after that fidget-ee stuff seemed to be all the rage (as my dad would say)..
im not saying that these sub-genres arent popular anymore, its just that nothing seems to be the current trend.. just a thought.

so.. to somehow back up my point, and despite a few amazing lifelike, duke dumont and kris menace tracks floating around, im going to post some different tracks.
apologies for my lame attempts at describing songs.. thoughts arent my forte at the moment

Foals - Red Socks Pugie

Foals - Red Socks Pugie (Henrick Schwarz Remix)

Foals have always been a band that i havent been sure about.. for some reason i thought they were almost like a band trying to sound like Battles and not really pulling it off.. until now that is..
Red Socks Pugie is really good, strong art-rock.. really emphatic melodies and nice contrast from verse to chorus.. for some reason the remix reminds me heaps of my friend liam..
it has a really obvious melody that almost gets old- before getting some really nice 50's style horns and whatnot that really make this track unique.

im also been liking the stuff coming out of Gomma.. very nice quirky electronic trax..

Rodion - Salvelox

Hiltmeyer Inc - iTune aLine

different stuff = spice of life. thats why everyone loves siriusmo so much.

before i go, here is my NEWNEWNEW promo mix.. it ended up a lot more chilled/indie than i expected but whatevs..

Seven's Back To Yours Promo

Spank Rock – Top Billin’ From Far Left (Seven’s Up In Arms Edit)
Fred Falke – Omega Man
Seymour Bits – Bonparapara Attack!
Amy Meredith – This War
Revolte – Guess What
Walter Meego – Baby Please (Seven’s Thumpzzz Edit)
KIM – Wet N’ Wild (Donnie Sloan Remix)
DK7 – Fashion Feelings (Blackstrobe Remix)
Van She – Strangers
Digitalism – Yes, I Don’t Want This
Zeigeist – Tar Heart
Kris Menace feat Felix Da Housecat & Fred Falke – Artificial
The Sound of Arrows – Danger! (Cotton Crew Remix)
Mystery Jets – Two Doors Down (Duke Dumont Remix)


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