Wednesday, 25 June 2008

tres tres

Wednesday, 25 June 2008

wow so impressed with the amount of good music floating around of late.. so many good beats in so many different genres..

first of all - i wanted to just say how much i enjoy Girl Talk's new mix.
i have certainly read a lot of mixed reviews around the shop. people seem to be really put off by the fact that he has made ANOTHER hip hop/electro/rock/whatever mash up mix ..
while it may not be fresh or new, i commend him for sticking to what hes known for (and amazing at). the man is unbelievably creative. i actually stopped working for a whole hour cos i wanted to concentrate on what was going on in my headphones - roy orbison into nirvana into earthwind+fire all with raps over the top.
anyways.. i reallllly enjoyed this mix- if you want a unique, amazing party mix then this is perfect. get it here..

Shadow Dancer is another group that ive come across recently who i have been playing a fair bit of.. they make pretty epic, dark sort of beats.. their music brings to mind the tougher side of justice, but are a lot less linear then that..
they tie a lot of random hard, gravelly sort of noises together together with other rand0m vocal stabs and squeeks in a good, if slightly bewildering way. very good and bangtastic. these would definitely make a dancefloor feel about 1,000 times smaller.

Shadow Dancer - Daytime Drinking

Shadow Dancer - Cowbois

Shadow Dancer - Cowbois (Strip Steve Remix)

this is a bit embarassing, but further inspection of their myspace reveals that they are somewhat of a big thing in europe and etc already, having done remixes for teenagers, the whip, adam sky, chromeo and boyz noize among others. they have also had tracks on kitsune, digitalism, and malente mixes and are signed to boyz noize. jeeeeeez what rock have i been living under???
anyway.. if you like those beats and want to hear more of them sooner, then the good news is that they are touring australia in july! huzzah!

Shadow Dancer tours Australia!!!

Melbourne - 12 July @ Eurotrash and 17 July @ Q Bar
Brisbane - 18 July @ Empire Hotel
Sydney - 19 July @ Plantation


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Madison said...

turns out thats not actually the original cowbois mix you've got posted there. its the dilemn remix. very good tune nonetheless!