Friday, 11 July 2008


Friday, 11 July 2008

Photo by Patrick Fraser

now its a lot later on friday and i want my bangers..

here are two WICKED remixes off the 'one pure thought' single by the effervescent hot chip.. truly banging.

Hot Chip - Ready For The Floor (Hot Chip VIP Remix)

Hot Chip - Wrestlers (Sticky Dirty Pop Remix)

the ready for the floor remix is exactly my kind of fidgety banger- not too stupid or wobbly, has wicked b'more-ish drums and is intense as hell. epicly awesome.
the wrestlers remix is fucking rad as well but is a more by the numbers fidget jam.. perfect for fri night!!

to last to you out the weekend, here are two DJ mixes done by two awesome sydney DJs/producers.
sorry for the zshare guys but dj mixes take up toooo much room on our lovely new server..

The Gameboys 60.30 Mix

the gameboys have become local fixtures in recent times, playing heaps at places like candys and qbar.. they have built up quite the fanbase with their sweeeet skills and sweeet tracks.. haha but seriously we love the gameboys up in here- make sure you catch them soon (sosueme tonight or sounds on sunday).
The title of their mix '60.30' is actually very smart because on it they mash sixty songs (yes 6-0) into 30 mins. thats like 2 songs every minute.
AMAZING- make sure you check this out (tracklisting in comments.) very clever mixing of indie/electro.. kind of makes you listen in the same way as girl talks new mix.

Jeepers (aka John Paul from the Heat) has also recently thrown around a mix to get us all excited for summer and the excellent rooftop parties @ the eastern..

Jeepers Rooftop Mix

have a good weekend everyone!

ps for anyone going/wants to go, the Van She show at the Spanish Club has had to be pushed back to next week and will now be at the Cross (above the Bourbon).. buy tickets here

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