Thursday, 31 July 2008


Thursday, 31 July 2008

once upon a time i remember reading about these weird people in NY that thought/liked to pretend that they were vampires.. apparently they enjoyed to bleed a pig out into a jug or bucket and then drink the blood.. ew.

i dont know if John Pugh (former member of !!!) or Madeline Davy (fashion designer) enjoy drinking blood, but the title of their band certainly suggests that they do... (i dont think they actually do)..

Free Blood- Grumpy

somehow they made sounding way too cool actually good. and somehow those infectious, bouncy drums manage to tie all those rand0m mismatched other elements together vee nicely.. and somehow the raw sort of production really sets off the vocals.. (thumbs up!!!!!)

Free Blood - Royal Family

i guess it would be fair to describe Free Blood's sound as progressive indie-dance.. very much along the lines of !!! and Battles.. (but they are just a whole lot funner and dancier)
in fact, parallels were drawn between Battles and Free Blood in this interview.. progressive rock ""battles-style"" that you can properly dance to- would there be anything better???

this remix here got my loving approval in the way that it uses the pianos to really colour in and complete the track just after half way.

Free Blood - Royal Family (ACTH Remix)

aaaahhhh (horror?)

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