Friday, 26 September 2008

di doo

Friday, 26 September 2008

for some reason i always associate summer with digitalism.. weird hey.
when i think of summer, and in particularly summer festivals, visions of digitalism playing at parklife last year spring to mind (even though parklife isn't technically in summer haha)..
it wasn't the performance that particularly blew me away, (the sound was terrible and their whole rig broke down halfway through their set) but the muggy temperature and excited yet relaxed vibe strongly resonated with my idea of summer.

so i guess that in this run-in to summer (and parklife), its really nice to see some very lush, summery and overall digitalism(ish) sounds making their way into the blouse offices..

first up are awesome local boys One Glove who i first heard of a few weeks ago, just after they won a part of the JJJ Unearthed competition (congrats lads). they seemed to be getting massive props everywhere i went, but i don't think i realised how epic and mature their sound would be until i heard it..

One Glove - Radiator

i think that the whole upbeat, yet deep indie/electro/disco sound that digitalism made their own is a really untapped resource.. i would have thought that a lot of people would have tried to cash in on this sound in some way but i haven't really heard anyone (except perhaps the presets)come close to this sound.. until One Glove..

One Glove - Tell Me Something I Don't Know

like digitalism, one glove's use of flowing, engulfing synths and amped up drums is genius. one glove though feel much deeper in lyrical content and musical arrangement, which really floats mah boat yo..
not to sound too cheesy or anything, but theirs is that perfect sort of music that you have to shut your eyes to on the dance floor.. where you actually pay attention to what is being played and sung. absolutely compelling and engrossing.
amazing coming from these dudes who (i think) are only in their early 20's

One Glove - Origin

along with winning the JJJ unearthed competition, these boys won a slot at this year's parklife.. im pretty stoked to be seeing them there- i can only imagine what these beats are like live.
my prediction is that we will be seeing much much much of these boys in the future.

on the other side of the digitalism coin of course, is their incredible remixing ability.. they have an uncanny ability to inject a large amount of toughness and masculinity into any song. take their remix of 'skip to the end' by futureheads for example- they took a weak britpoppy mess of a track and turned into a tough, don't-mess-with-me strutter that simply destroyed any d-floor it encountered..
although there are many artists out there that make tough dancefloor destroyers (thank you boyz noize and bloody beetroots), i haven't really come across too many that do it with the same funk or style.. frenchies Dead Rock Machine definitely do though..

Dead Rock Machine - Ante

this is the sort of electro house that i still love to hear out.. its hard but still has intelligence..
although Dead Rock Machine share a similar confident toughness and funk with digitalism remixes, one thing that does differentiate them from.... them is an element of optimism or upbeatedness.. they don't seem as dark.. and i guess that is a good thing

Metronomy - Heartbreaker (Dead Rock Machine Remix)

all up, these boys are pure class- like one glove, i'm sure we'll be hearing a lot from them soon..

and finally.. here is a slice of disco that everyone has been DYING for.

Casino - Penthouse Affair

casino hail from tha ukizzle and apparently are kind of a big deal in and around europe.. this sound is very cool- very funky really sounds authenticish like its really oldschool..


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