Tuesday, 30 September 2008


Tuesday, 30 September 2008

all this talk of summers and festivals and suns and beaches has got so excited.. kate hates the hotness but i for one love it.. sand, salt, haze, singlets and sunburn certainly are the chilli peppers of life arent they? and isnt music made that much more nicenice and significant when accompanied by any of those things? YEEAAAAAA
my best summerish memories are from jim's (word) place a few years ago.. the forces of ping pong, pool, alcohol, music, fairy lights and failed flips all banded together to organise some kind of a good time.
ministry of sound would have us believe that hanging out in bars listening to house music is the way to spend summer, but i would have me believe that hanging out with mates in the sun (or water) is better. hmpf.

if i could go back to those heady days i would probably take back a Komeda cd. if i could go into the future about 2 or 3 months, then i probably would take a Komeda cd as well, as it will be summer.
apparently named after a swedish jazz musician, Komeda would be such a sweet accompaniment for my/your next pool party or beach trip- chilled enough to not distract you from the lack of clouds in the sky, yet rich enough in variety and quality sounds to fill out any no-speeakee times (sound a bit idealistic?? i think so- sorry)

Komeda - Victory Lane

Komeda - Fade In Fade Out

channeling all the warm bass, good vibes and glamourous-ness of goldfrapp and air, komeda typify the sound that (is wish) is running through my head when im cooling out underwater..

they also had a song feature on the extraordinarily summery powerpuff girls soundtrack ..

Komeda - Blossom (Got To Get It Out)

this is a rerecording of this track and shows the cool 50's swing (?) sort of style that they use on a couple of tracks.. very cool and very nice.

in other news, for those of you that like your beats lluusssshh then please listen to these tracks by When Saints Go Machine. seriously. if these beats were any more lush you would have to travel to the amazon to check them out.

When Saints Go Machine - Kids On Vacation

When Saints Go Machine - Pretty Rich

like jamiroquai if he was still cool.. like walter meego trekking in the amazon.. like the music playing next time im chillin in a pool.. ssooo good.


Anonymous said...

That's funny, I haven't listened to Komeda in ten years, and now they pop up on a blog from the other side of the world (I'm Swedish). As I remember, really talented folks with strange twists and rythms (5/4 or 7/8). Can't wait to download to see what they're up to now!

Steve said...

really quality music.. i'm new to them and loving it-