Tuesday, 7 October 2008


Tuesday, 7 October 2008

so.. parklife is over and done for another year and everyone seems to be nursing sore heads and mouths.
i guess that this means that some parklife reflection is in order hey?? damnnnn

i think ive heard some really mixed reviews about the day, but luckily my reviews are far from mixed.. (in a good way)

sitting pretty atop the pile o' artists that i enjoyed on the day are the effervescent soulwax.. i was most looking forward to seeing these guys live and luckily (for them) they didnt disappoint.
seeing dance music played with instruments is always a nice gift and these lads were seriously like santa..
when they played robot rock and then went straight into phantom pt2, i think everyone lost their respective shit(s). everyone was either saying or thinking OMG:

Daft Punk - Robot Rock (Soulwax Remix)
Justice - Phantom Pt 2 (Soulwax Nite Version)


or something along those lines.

when they took the stage again later on that evening as 2 many djs it was really very good.. by that point everyone had lost their shit so many times over that there seemed to be a very 'desperate to keep dancing' vibe in the air which wasn't helped by the breaks and drum & bass that crept into their set toward the end.
however, them playing

John Paul Young - Love Is In The Air (Ballroom Mix)

was beyond genius. i have never seen as many people smiling or hugging in my entire life. tinglicious yo

moving away from Dewaele related matters now.. another good act to play were Metro Area.. having only heard a remix of theirs on a DFA compilation, i didnt really know what to expect. to be honest, i have no idea how i ended up at their stage (and for a long while i didnt even know who they were) but im really glad that i did because they played the funkiest and most upbeat brand of disco and disco house that i have ever heard..
one of the first post-parklife things i did was to go and get their self-titled album which although containing some very very good lo-fi indie disco numbers like this,

Metro Area - Pina

Metro Area - Square-Pattern Aura

was very different to their dj set at parklife.
i looked for any dj sets that they'd done in the past and managed to track down this mix- which may or may not have been done as a promo for a bacardi b-live event (or something)..

Metro Area B-Live Mix

very funky and chilled but i have a sneaking suspicion that it would sound very nice on some large speakers.. if this is how this whole disco thing turns out when/if it does turn big then i would be very happy..

diplo was the last dj that i wanted to praise.. i must admit that i dont really remember a whole lot about the set except that i was made very happy by it and danced a good dance to many of the songs that he played.. i had pre-thought that he would play a lot of hip hop and real MIA-ish b'more but it really didnt come across like that (too much)

The Pack - Vans (Diplo's Vans 'Til Infinity Remix)

Spoon - Don't You Evah (Diplo Mix)

The Pixies - Hey (Diplo Mix)

ok ow now ive been looking at this screen for too long and my head is aching. time for retreat

***PS*** i dont think that i got to see much of fake blood at parklife, and im really sad that i missed them cos i just recieved word that they were rather good indeed.. our friend dj AKA milo firewater has put together a nice dubby/breaksy flavoured remix of 'mars' which im sure absolutely destroyed things at parklife..

Fake Blood - Mars (Milo Firewater Remix)


Absentees said...

nice wrap up...

i loved soulwax and diplo, standouts on the little stage were the E.L.F. and Art vs. Science. Both...incredible.

check out our blog for the E.L.F.'s latest track.

<3 from tradehooks

Anonymous said...

Don't forget Boy 8-Bit too. He was so fat my head was about to pop. The fire stage also had Fake Blood and, as we've heard, it went off. You missed out if you weren't there!

Great post. Cheers

Anonymous said...

wow!° That remix of "Hey" by Pixies is one of the worst things I've ever heard! Well done! Truly shite!