Friday, 3 October 2008


Friday, 3 October 2008

10:27am Steve
i need to write a parklife post but i cant think

10:28am Kate

ill write it for you.

here goes.

cough cough...just clearing my throat....

10:29am Kate

well electro-junk heads...its that time again, when we slip into the omnipresent mist of fake tan and boobies that is the world...the very skanky world, of parklife....

(thats the start)

(then you could say something like)

10:31am Kate we all do when it comes to this wonderful time of year...i pretended to buy my ticket to hear the staged-sex of peaches....lyrical saunter of goldfrapp and the derogator of blackalicious...but truely im there for a PERVE....i love you short shorts

10:32am Steve
where are you getting this from

10:32am Kate
i made it up!

my brain

wait....ive got the close too....

10:32am Steve

did you really make it up

10:32am Kate

i really did

wait for the close....

10:35am Kate
welcome to the couple of months that we save for every year....its time to bow your heads and thank god that its festival time again...and thank fuck that it starts with the amazing sounds of tanned honeys and backless bathers that is the life within the park....

10:36am Steve
Kate is no longer online. The following was not sent:

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Sunny Day Sets Fire - Adrenaline (XXXChange Remix)

Young MC - Bust A Move (Diplo Remix)

Boy 8 Bit - Wild Beasts

Yuksek - Everywhere in Town (Cosmo Vitelli Remix)

Familjen - Det lilla livet

Daft Punk - Technologic (Peaches Remix)

trees and sunshine

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