Thursday, 2 October 2008

piano house is back, baby.

Thursday, 2 October 2008


you're staring right down the barrel of the latest addition to the blouse yacht crew. my name is vi, and some of you sydney crew might know me spinning records at the disco not disco parties or lost baggage - where we got to steal cdrs from dudes like optimo, in flagranti, rub n tug, tiefschwarz, ewan pearson blah blah blah. disco and techno is my thing, and it's definitely going to be your thing when we're finished here. got it? great.

first up is a total classic - italo disco - some dudes called mr flagio doing a synthed up, slightly cheesy but ever so amazing cover of a material tune called TAKE A CHANCE. this is the extended 12" version.

a bit more of a mod take on things is noze. these crazy french lads are signed to get physical (dj t/mandy/booka shade tech-house label du jour) and are totally unlike their labelmates. it's like piano house mixed with a 5am drunken singalong in an afterhours club somewhere, and it's 100% awesome. it's called REMEMBER LOVE.

finally, a track from oblio. oblio is sasa from inflagranti and zeb from cosmic grooves - a new york thing - and it's... well... it's beautiful. if you like a bit of melancholy in your day, getting washed away on a soaring synth and pulsing bassline, then this piece of music will blow your mind. buy the full EP. you will not regret it. it's A RADICAL CHANGE IN ORIENTATION.

buy the full OBLIO ep here.
buy NOZE's songs on the rocks here.


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