Tuesday, 20 January 2009


Tuesday, 20 January 2009

ok i think that the bandwagon is looking pretty tempting.. the animal collective band wagon.. after joining the masses to love merriweather post pavilion, i was pleasantly surprised to discover that they also make remixes of the highest quality: reminiscent of an m83 or avalanche remix in a warm, fuzzy and overall safari-ish kind of way.

Ratatat - Mirando (Animal Collective Remix)

Goldfrapp - Little Bird (Animal Collective Remix)

animal collective's popularity has also inspired other artists to get in on the merriweather action.. this particular one is by the ridiculously hard-working mexicans with guns and is quite simplistic, but i think it satisfies everyone's "i wonder what 'my girls' would sound like with a dance beat underneath it" curiosity

Animal Collective - My Girls (Mexicans With Guns Remix)

i love how my musical comparisons only extend as far as m83 or the avalanches. genius.


Anonymous said...

Really crazy mix

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the Goldfrapp mix, I've downloaded that badboy