Wednesday, 21 January 2009

sunny day real estate part 2

Wednesday, 21 January 2009

sidechains was one of the first people to send music through to blouse, so he kind of has a special place in our hearts.. awww

since sending us through those beats all those moons ago, sidechains has gone from strength to strength, with songs being featured on compilations by buffetlibre and sweat it out, as well as achieving a blog reputation to rival russ chimes or even grum..

its been a little while since we've heard from him, so to bring us up to date, sidechains has sent through a bunch of new and recent remixes that are quite frankly very impressive..

Heads We Dance - The Human Touch (Sidechains Remix)

Louis La Roché - Peach (Sidechains Remix)

Farley Jackmaster Funk - Love Can't Turn Around (Sidechains Remix)

i really liked his old songs, but these remixes really seem much more vibrant and colourful. very good


Anonymous said...

Cool tracks!

Thanks for sharing.

Steve said...

no probs.. sidechains has come a long way hey

Anonymous said...

thanks, been looking for that peach track! great quality!