Friday, 27 February 2009

charmed, im sure

Friday, 27 February 2009

i dont think that many men have charmed me before.. i would like to think not anyway. so, to nuuro i take my hat off. well played sir. i am charmed.

the new album by nuuro is entitled 'the reddest ruby' and seriously, the amount of intelligence, love and care evident in this project is staggering.

Nuuro - Avila

it all began early one winter when he wrote a grand, beautiful poem (attached in the comments) and decided to make an album to accompany the narrative.
what came after was a joyful, all-encompassing body of work that is as interesting and diverse as hot chip's made in the dark and as thought-provoking and engrossing as m83's saturdays=youth.

Nuuro - Stone Girl

do you remember doing assignments in high school? do you remember doing them at the very last second despite all the grief and nagging that you got from your parents? and do you remember thinking "oh im sure it will be ok- everyone else will have done shit work too" only to be blown away by that one kid that absolutely owned it? it really feels like nuuro is that kid. (a+)

you can and probably should buy nuuro's work here

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Steve said...

The Reddest Ruby by Nuuro

(One-hundred feet away from the wooden fortress, past the headless flowers with ribbons at their seams, right of the cobblestone path carved into the path built by your ancestors)

The Rhine,
The Father

Inside it, the Reddest Ruby glows
from under 10 feet of cold and restless water,
during twilight

And when held up to the sky, all the stars
you see through it
gasp in unison.

And after the sun rises
it slumbers peacefully awaiting
the proximate twilight
to sing and sacrifice

and when the starlight touches the reddest ruby,
all the skies turn red along with it
slowly in warmth