Friday, 13 February 2009

get excited

Friday, 13 February 2009

i for one am excited. after what has seemed like ages, duncan 'dcup' maclennan has released his first EP..

if you're lucky, you may have heard some of his previous work (which includes remixes of the heat, crazy p and teenagersintokyo) or read some of his awesome disco posts on this very site..
going back through his work earlier today, it has been really interesting to hear the progression and maturity that has developed in his music. while i have been a fan of pretty much everything that duncs has put out, i really love the way that the releases on this EP aim to charm peeps onto the d-floor with glamour and groove - a subtle technique that he may have picked up via his love of all things disco. hmm

anyway, this first song 'style' is a perfect representation of this new-school disco house groove that he is channeling. barrel loads of funk, yet not standoffish or chilled at all thanks to the warm chromeo-esque bassline running throughout. pure class

DCup - Style

strikingly different to 'style' is 'epic'. channeling elements of french house and a large dose of valerie's russ chimes, this song is much more of a d-floor destroyer. in the most uplifting way possible.

DCup - Epic

so yeah exciting times indeed. im looking outside and the rain certainly isnt matching the excitingness of these times.

everyone ready for the muddiest good vibes of all time tomorrow? get ready to lose some shoes!

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