Saturday, 21 February 2009


Saturday, 21 February 2009

i have to say that in my post (and pre) good vibes melancholy, i was super pumped to do an awesome comedown-core post cos thats all i seem(ed) to be listening to (again).. but with all these issues with internet, computers and jobs- and with the prospect of a weekend hanging over my head- i kind of forgot about my awesome plans and decided to write a slightly funner post.. yay! fun! weekend!

i guess if you were in a bind, this john barera remix of brenden wesley could stand in as a comedown-core track, but i defs think i would rather hear it in a down-tempo cocktail bar, what with it's silver platter funk and sophistication.. so so cool

Brenden Wesley - How We Lustre (John Barera Remix)

on a slightly more bangy tip is this new bumblebeez remix of lost valentinos.. this is absolutely what i would love to hear after i leave aforementioned down-tempo cocktail bar. love the way bumblebeez tease and lead me into an electro-fidget wonderland.. the grimyness is enjoyable but when the crazy kicks in at about 2.41..... well it gets even more enjoyable.

Lost Valentinos - Serio (The Bumblebeez Remix)

i havent really been very sure about all the remixes that the bumblebeez have done, but this one is pretty well on the money. (good job.) as for the lost valentinos, well they are also getting their money on. they have firmly shed their old raw indie sound and are now floating around with floaty electronic acts as damn arms and even midnight juggernauts/cut copy.. high praise? check out the original (its rather glorious--)
the other remixes in this package are rather good as well- check them out here

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