Thursday, 19 February 2009

steve wins

Thursday, 19 February 2009

i wouldnt say that i am someone that is big on conspiracy theories, but there does seem to be quite the conspiracy conspiring against me when it comes to this blog. i dont really feel like going into details, but i will say one thing: "i won".

so anyway, in the time that i have been forced to neglect this blog, there has been an amazing multitude of amazing bangers sent in to us. it must be banger season or something. feelin pretty good about that.

Justice vs Simian - We Are Your Friends (Something Wrong Bass Remix)

second up is transformer, who represent indie dance at its absolute best. seriously havent heard justice/autokratz noises mashed with !!!/rapture noises this well for a long time. and the tenth dan/riskotheque remix is.. barnstorming (for lack of a better word bahaha).. barnstormingly good.

Transformer - Cinema Car

Transformer - Cinema Car (Tenth Dan & Riskotheque Remix)

'gooseflesh' is probably definitely not amongst the best names for a producer/whatever ive ever heard but they sure do make some noisy songs.. (in the best way)

Gooseflesh - Wet (Zero Cash Remix)

Gooseflesh - Wet

and some more dreamy electro pop for young girls and young boys to hold hands to... from a new uber-cool American duo DRLKT Freddie. yes, I thought cool and American were mutually exclusive too.

Drlkt Freddie - Airtight

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haha... barnstormingly good