Saturday 21 March 2009

late not never

Saturday 21 March 2009

ok BNGR time. i really do love listening to bangers on the weekend.
i also like to do activities on the weekend so ill keep this post shortish.

this first track is an interesting one; a remix of the 'classic' 80's tv theme from airwolf.. i cant say ive ever heard of airwolf before but this track is pretty fun in a munted bedroom aeroplane kind of way (with a bit of wamp wamp wamp wamp added in for good measure)..

Theme From Airwolf (Geometri Remix)

although i have only really heard patrick l tracks sporadically, ive always his enjoyed his brand of tropical and spacious tech house. although this new remix of his may be more of a sweaty tech banger, i love it all the same...
i dont think i appreciated the true awesomeness of tech house til i went to lost baggage last weekend. whoa

Gareth Whitehead - Lost Inside (Patrick L Remix)

i really got sick of the stupidity coming out of herve and etc for a while there but recent releases show maturity and craft growing in their work.
this newish herve remix of the temper trap is a good example of that as he adds colour and depth to a pretty bangin' banger with creative use of time signatures and samples.. more of a song than most other herve tracks ive heard.

The Temper Trap - Science Of Fear (Herve Dub Mix)

have fun and be careful on the weekend


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Temper Trap- Science Of Fear Video