Wednesday 8 April 2009

i love linux

Wednesday 8 April 2009

i havent heard from mylo in a while. after coming to australia a few years back and stealing my heart (by standing on the dj booth table and mixing between his legs) he has maintained some pretty heavy radio silence. word on the street now is that he is back in his bedroom working on an album.
will be interesting to see what he will come up with.. think that after a large chunk of the electronic music industry sucked up and assimilated his destroy rock and roll vibe, that he will have to come up with something quite radical. or just rad.

Master H feat Silicon Soul - Thirteen (Mylo Remix)

all that spiel is pretty irrelevant to this post.. seeing breastfed attached to the new linus loves track kinda reminded me about myles and made me feel like speculatin'..

so anyway- breastfed honcho mr loves has been quite busy recently with remixes popping out for the likes of J-Lake, Alphabeat and Ladyhawke.. i have to apologise though cos all of these remixes somehow slipped by me.. in steve land, linus loves has been very quiet. until now that is.

Linus Loves - Prom Night (taken down by request)

sticking to a pretty simple formula, 'prom night' is mmm-boppy d-floor fodder that takes me back to the days when 'the terrace' and 'nightmusic' walked the earth.
love the all-encompassing 8-bit keyboard and the glitchy, jittery breakdown. apparently this song was inspired by 'carrie' but i dont really see the connection between that and the original.
the burns remix is a different story though.. this blood curdling weapon of a song was definitely inspired by a girl killing people with her mind.

Linus Loves - Prom Night (Burns Remix) (taken down by request)

awesome. check out more burns here.

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