Friday, 24 April 2009

icey man

Friday, 24 April 2009

Computer Nation Radio, a little friend from Fredricton, has a new album. Do you remember this?

It's dark and brooding electronic music, full of haunting synths and ambient beats, a slow-motion journey through an iced-over forest and not what I would play on a Saturday night to make party. Posting two songs obviously doesn't give you a sense of the impressive fluidity in this album so download the whole thing here.

"Do you ever dream just before you fall asleep?" CNR says. "I do. One minute I'm chasing an ice monster with a hair dryer then I shake back to reality, make sure I didn't say anything weird and continue to do my taxes."

Computer Nation Radio - This One Is Different

Computer Nation Radio - Across Fields

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Unknown said...

Hey Rachel

Thanks for your continued support. The snow has finally melted and I am now officially the 123rd coolest dude in Fredericton. Thanks to your review of course. And my inexplicable ability to not only sweat salt but also pepper.