Thursday, 11 June 2009

D is for electro pt. II

Thursday, 11 June 2009

As we all hungrily await that highly overrated piece of firmware called iPhone OS 3.0, the only cure for our shaky hands, twitchy eyeballs and 3a.m. cold sweats is a bomb-ass remix.

Luckily the Candyman came to visit me today. His prescription was drastic, but necessary. He scribbled, in barely legible English, a concoction of The Commodores laced with some gritty distortion, soulful synths, charming disco harmonies and a pinch of Amoxicillin. No Ms. Poppins, you were wrong. A spoonful of sugar does NOT help the medicine go down bitch, not when you have Dorkatronique doing a remix. The guy is a fucking walking sugar cube. If i wasn’t worried about making a bad impression when we bumped into one another at Festival First Night i would’ve licked his glucosey armpits, then snapped off his left earlobe to drop in my coffee the next morning.

Mama told me life is like a sugar-based DJ. Was she right?

The Commodores – Lady (Dorkatronique Remix) (zshare link)


Steve said...

is that dorkatronique in the photo?

if so, is his real name george michael? was he introduced to you at festival first night as 'george michael', 'g michael'? or even 'george m'? does he enjoy fast love?

Acid Midget said...

Haha, yes that's him.

No, he didn't ask if i speak rainbow.