Thursday, 15 October 2009

dust is only 75% settled

Thursday, 15 October 2009

it only seems like yesterday that kitsune maison 7 was a wee nipper.. so many fond memories...
even though young 7 is still very much in its infancy, the masterminds behind kitsune have decided to squeeze out another maison, this one entitled '8: the chic and nice issue'.

as is the case on 'the melodic one' (kitsune 6), there are many songs on '8' that dont particularly fit the subtitle. i wont dwell on these oddities, but will instead try to keep in theme with this track by canadian demi-gods parallels which is a tiny bit chic, but a large bit nice.

Parallels - Find the Fire

i dont know if im the only one feeling this, but the quirk and leftfield sex appeal of this new wave of 'electro-pop' divas seems to be getting a bit tiresome.
i think that parallels snuck through my prejudice net thanks to her circa-1985 madonna-esque vox and smooth yet prissy girl steez..

back when i still played in sporting teams, there was a saying that i used to hear every season without fail: "we dont want to be a team of champions, we want to be a champion team".. i feel like kitsune need to write that on some butchers paper and stick it on the wall next time they are compiling tracks for kitsune maison, cos although there are many good songs on this compilation, the cohesiveness and direction prominent on previous comps just isnt there.

kitsune maison 8: the chic and nice issue is out late next month. check out previous compilations here

in other news:

check out the oft amazing percussion in this alternate edit of 'dreampieces' by headman.. yes yes yes...

Headman - Dreampieces (Alternate Version)

dennis from liquid liquid expertly mans the extra percussion station in this version, with assistance from jeremy from a certain ratio. that is a pretty all-starish assistant crew if you ask me.
it may be a little old, but you need to have this track available for your friday morning work commute. need.

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