Friday, 12 March 2010

friday: weird

Friday, 12 March 2010

another weekend is upon us.. awesome news indeed.
of late, i have really had fun celebrating fridays by blasting the most bass-heavy tech-house tracks i could find..

this little number by alex celler cant seem to find its way off repeat on my friday playlist.. sure its damned simple and yes, maybe a touch cheesy, but the pant-rumbling, hypnotic goodness contained within the bass is usually enough to get me through to the weekend - and then some.

Alex Celler - La Palma

all-time blouse favourites allez-allez recently released their debut single/ep 'defeatist' and i have to say that- as to be expected- it is allllll class. a twitchy, nervous vibe underpinned by some seriously surging b-lines and intermittent handclaps equal awesome.
id really like to encourage you to go and check out the original (you can purchase it here), so to whet your appetite for all things defeatist, here is a remix by dorset naga.. it is a slightly more stripped back edit of the original and sheds the nervous vibe in favour of a more free-flowing, positive one..

Allez Allez - Defeatist (Dorset Naga Remix)

happy fridays for all: especially those who have an afternoon of free drinking ahead. (yes)

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