Thursday, 25 March 2010

breakbot is yours, baby

Thursday, 25 March 2010

So i'm eating lukewarm Pad Thai and drinking Stella Artois, with some Breakbot looping on my decrepit hand-me-down stereo.

Bbot caught my attention with his creamy 'Let There Be Light' remix, then his signing to le Ed Bangeur records. Getting signed would be pretty difficult. Ed Recs is a boutique label with such a small crew of producers/groupies...

I gave his Baby I'm Yours EP a listen and, i'll admit, i'm not a big fan of funk/breakbeat. But this was better than expected.

BreakBot - Baby I'm Yours (LaFunkMob Remix) (removed by request)

The LaFunkMob remix is tight. Throw some underwater synths in and the breaks/any genre become my ideal cup of [insert warm beverage here]. The jabbing kick drum and percussion make this a solid party cut, or a great soundtrack for mirror dancing [insert hair brush here]. Loving the whiny Irfane vocals.

BreakBot - Make You Mine (removed by request)

I was surprised at how catchy this b-side is. Smooth piano riffs; check. Daft Punkish vocoder; check. Sex; check.


GSB said...

LaFunkMob link is broked :(

Steve said...

all fixed!

Harry said...

AW REMOVED nooo break bot is amazing anyone have alt links?