Wednesday, 20 October 2010

disco disco hump day

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

what do you need in your life on this mighty fine hump day? probably some tight disco jams.

first up is the new release from editainment.. you might remember them from the mysterious tiger & woods project from earlier this year. their latest output is the equally mysterious cleo & patra.. i dont know too much about these guys, but like tiger & woods, they sure do know how to make a mean disco edit. 'marcus antonius on the run' gives lenny williams' classic burner 'you got me running' a massive high five by bringing into '10. tres bien.

Cleo & Patra - Marcus Antonius On The Run (alt)

grab the full 'on the nile' ep here.

ashley beedle recently handed over this serious-yet-funky remix for hungry ghost's 'illuminations/don't eat the apricots' ep. i love the disparate nature of many of the song's elements and bassline. fun and funky bass offset by synths, fills and guitars. winner!

Hungry Ghost - Illuminations (Ashley Beedles Dub The Light Remix) (alt)

grab hungry ghost's 'illuminations/don't eat the apricots' here.

i don't really know a whole lot about norwegian marius vareid, but i recently came across his release 'skumle planer' from '08. i got into 'tropisk storm' straight away because of its hardened balearic intensity and hypnotic keys. it somehow feels like a fan blowing directly into my face.

Marius Vareid - Tropisk Storm (alt)

check out more marius vareid stuff here.

this last pablo bolivar track is a step back in a more techy direction.. it may take a little while to kick off but when it does, it really does go all tribal and deep. the added percussion fills really add a lot to this sweaty, yet painfully cool number.

Pablo Bolivar - Dynamo (alt)

grab bolivar's dynamo ep here.

merry humpdays to you all: "its all downhill from here".

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