Friday, 15 October 2010

miserable friday

Friday, 15 October 2010

i dont want to sound like im stealing lines from a chick flick, but nothing is going to dampen my spirits today. not even the worst day from the depths of winter, the cancellation of the project ive been working on all day and all night for the past week, and not even the crappy music blasting just outside my office.
the weekend starts tonight, and i intend to sleep for the majority of it. but not before watching ex-avalanches turntablist dexter tonight. listening to avalanches mixes all afternoon is probably what has my spirits so high. or a mixture of those and these:

you might be a little sick of 'reckless with your love' by now.. im slowly getting there myself. i cant speak for the 'tuff city kids', but by the sounds of their jittery, syncopated, completely unrecognisable take on 'reckless..', they might have been as well. great friday evening drinking material- toe-tappin', but not overpowerin':

Azari & III - Reckless With Your Love (Tuff City Kids Remix) (alt)

off the first 'reckless with your love' remix release from a couple of months back. grab it here.

permanent vacation certainly are blowing up at the moment, and with 'zuckerhut', it is plain to see why. this tbd remix is a mesmerising 4/4 affair with a powerful groove.. we're talking wendell sailor powerful here. it slowly builds and builds, and when it reaches two thirds of the way in, it all gets a little much. (in the best possible way).

Permanent Vacation - Zuckerhut (TBD Remix) (alt)

grab permanent vacation's 'zuckerhut' here.

this last track is a bit of a different selection for blouse: a slice of ghetto-house dubstep from taz buckfaster via heaven. or modeselektor's resident advisor mix from this time last year. your pick.

Taz Buckfaster - Gold Tooth Grin (alt)

weekend! weekend! weekend!


tropical said...

tuff city links aren't happening

Steve said...

yeah fileden again fucking up - the file is in there, but it wont link for some reason. the alternative mediafire link is working now. my bad