Wednesday, 13 October 2010

two shadows

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

im not going to bother mincing words here. twin shadow's debut album 'forget' is honestly the best thing i have heard for a long time. it isnt often that i have an entire album stuck on repeat for days on end, but since first listening to this a few days ago, i can't bring myself to listen to anything else.

george lewis jr's twin shadow is caught in an idyllic place that solidly revels in the grimy, hedonistic eighties.. somewhere not that far from rockers tv on the radio or chillwavers washed out. you may think that this sound has been done to death in recent times, but believe me - lewis jr's brand of grimy balladry is nothing short of invigorating.

in a time that many artists seem to be leaving their eighties tinged electro pop behind in favour of 'greener' psychedelic pastures, twin shadow wears his eighties influences proudly on his sleeve. the big snares, synths, basslines and hooks of new order, talking heads and the like are all present here and in my opinion, executed just as well.

there are so many highlights on this album - in fact, the only fault i have is that it is perhaps too open and accessible.. maybe that its appeal will be short lived. we shall see.
two of my picks are 'i can't wait' and 'tether beat'.
'i can't wait' is a coming-of-age styled track straight from the breakfast club. i love how it shows off lewis jr's pure voice and its warm, inviting bass. like most of the songs on the album, the chorus is big and gets right in under your skin.

Twin Shadow - I Can't Wait (mediafire link)

'tether beat' is perhaps the danciest track on the record with it's solemn pop sensibility, exquisite vocal harmonies and reverb heavy drum track. the little rock out in the last minute or so is pretty damned awesome..

Twin Shadow - Tether Beat (mediafire link)

'forget' by twin shadow is unmissable in my book. get it by any means necessary as soon as possible.
if you live in north america, you can count yourself lucky as you can grab 'forget' now right here. everywhere else will have to be a bit more patient and wait til the 19th. pre-order here.

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