Tuesday, 23 November 2010

airbourne weeks

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

i originally planned to post this last friday but didnt get time. so that means you are going to have to indulge in some friday bangers on a tuesday. get into it - they weekend is only 4 days away after all..

i dont really know how i came across rekorder - i just discovered them on my computer one day. after being seriously impressed by some of their minimal/tech house work, i did some research and discovered that the men behind the scenes were none other than the affable stephan bodzin and oliver huntemann.. explained a lot.
'5.3' is a lively yet menacing slice tech house from '06. it has may have aged a tiny bit, but i can still definitely imagine losing my scheizen to it:

Rekorder - 5.3 (alt)

there are a few tracks that seem to pop up fairly regularly in ellen alliens mixes. one of these tracks is this quarks mix by the mysterious turner (i think?). i love the way it starts all innocent and ethereal, and builds into somewhat of a monster - complete with pulsing basslines and creepy, reverbed out vocals.

Quarks - Konigin (Tunnelblick Von Turner) (alt)

tuesday bangers? how do they sit?

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