Friday, 25 February 2011

old mates

Friday, 25 February 2011

i often sit and wonder what has happened to the big names from the blog haus era.. like so many artists in eras gone by, their distinctive sound got old and many of them seem to have failed to adjust or freshen their image.

so, it was a really good surprise when two of my favourite blog haus artists popped up in my itunes today.. was very proud to see that they've adapted, changed their sounds and moved onto bigger and better things.

i dont know if we were always getting the spelling wrong before, but either way moullinex is back again (with an extra 'l' in his name) courtesy of gomma records. he's got a little four tracker in tow this time which he has entitled 'the chocolat ep'.. and they sure are a fine collection of smooth, beautifully paced house/nu-disco tracks.
'catalina' is one of the highlights on the release: an uplifting, beachside cocktail sipper that has (probably more than) one foot on the d-floor. powerful pianos and glittering synth overlay.

Moullinex - Catalina

it also has a super cool clip put together with some next level technology s^&t. have a look at it, as well as his other videos here. grab the 'chocolat ep' here.

i dont know if i just starting getting a bit tired of ed banger or if they have dialled down the volume of releases, but things seem to have been mostly quiet on their end for a while now.
i think the only thing ed banger entering my headphones in a year or so has been this compilation called 'let the kids techno' compiled by mehdi and busy p. it is an interesting collection of techno bang0rs that definitely has some great moments.
it might be a cop out, but i reckon my pick of the bunch is the most non-threatening offering.. a french-house flavoured side-bar burner by breakbot. lotsa slap bass and strings samples like the old days. nice to hear it again.

Breakbot - Shades Of Black

if you feel like a bang0r or two this weekend, maybe you should grab the 'let the children techno' compilation here.

or maybe you could get outside and enjoy the sunshine! summer is finally here (apparently).

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