Monday 9 May 2011

boom boom week

Monday 9 May 2011

so much incredible music is being sent to us recently! thanks heaps for the beats and please keep them coming - we really appreciate it!

san fran's giraffage shot through a copy of his 'pretty things' ep the other day and i've really been getting into it. comparisons have been made between himself and the likes of star slinger & gold panda and i have to say that they are pretty spot on.
the opening track 'a bird in the hand' features glittery, yet somehow dense chillwave synths and a skittering, light breakbeat. it really works. check it out:

Giraffage - A Bird In The Hand

head over to giraffage's bandcamp to check out more of his 'pretty things' ep. definitely worth keeping an eye on!

i've been meaning to post some com truise for the past couple of months.. heaps of interesting remixes, edits and originals have been floating around but i have just been too busy to post them up.
now that i'm in my last week of work though the story is a little bit different, and ive had plenty of time to familiarise myself with the inner workings of his 'fairlight' ep. which is good news for me, cos it is chock full crazy vintage synths and this awesome slow 80's groove. my pick of the three though is 'polyhurt'. its sparse, slow burning vibe and meandering synth lead are a stand out in my book:

Com Truise - Polyhurt

com truise's album 'galactic melt' will be released on the 5th of july. in the meantime, you can pick the fairlight ep right here.

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