Wednesday, 11 May 2011


Wednesday, 11 May 2011

been really loving hyetal's new album 'broadcast'. it has a really fascinating blend of dark, brooding, atmospheric dubstep and classic - often uplifting - 80's synths and drums. great stuff - i strongly recommend you get into it.
this track, 'phoenix' definitely sits on the happier end of the 'broadcast' spectrum: considered and somewhat calm synths and keys straddling a driving, constant dubby bassline. love the phil collins snare as well.

Hyetal - Phoenix

grab 'broadcast' by hyetal here.

one thing that i really can't forgive myself for is not sharing sydneysiders bon chat, bon rat's ep when it came into my hands over a month ago. it really is a top shelf production from some talented local lads.
im sure by now most of you will have heard and loved their intricate, well constructed electronica, but one thing you may not have heard is this remix from their 'blackbird ep'. excuse my ignorance, but i really cant tell if 'marseilles' is a person, or just the name of the remix. i suspect the latter. either way, it is the lightest, most spacious dubstep you are ever likely to hear. composed entirely of lush, full synths, vocal samples and instrumentation, this is one of the most inherently beautiful songs i have heard in a while.

Bon Chat, Bon Rat - Blackbird (Marseilles Remix)

im sorry bon chat, bon rat - i really enjoy your work and am sorry i didnt rep you earlier.
if you havent gotten into them yet, definitely head over to their bandcamp and familiarise yourself.

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that hyetal track has a real telefon tel aviv vibe to it