Sunday, 22 May 2011

moi from helsinki

Sunday, 22 May 2011

fuck. don't listen to what anyone has been telling you. 28+ hours of travelling is definitely not fun. 3 continents, 4 flights and 1 aching back later, here i am writing the first post from the new finnish outpost of blouse. hello!

im still trying to figure out how to get this new fangled internet connection to work properly, but in the meantime i just wanted to share a little bit of my scandinavian excitement with you.

norway's own rune lindbaek is (for me) one of the unsung heroes of the whole scandic disco movement. his vintage cinematic sounds have a real, organic feel to them. such pure, refined productions.

lets not mince words: his '07 lp "klubb kebabb" is frikkin awesome. it is an album of disco edits that definitely rival terje's for quality and diversity.. featured on it are edits of toto, boney m and a collab with terje, but one of my favourites is the 'fra lippo lippi' sampling "til lippo lippo".
a slice of amazingly cheesy 80's pop, "til lippo lippo" comes complete with heavy snares and lengthy guitar solos and melancholic vibe. if you liked leo zero's edit of prefab sprout, you will love this:

Rune Lindbaek - Til Lippo Lippo

grab "klubb kebabb" here.

his '01 album "sondag" is probably even more impressive. predating the funky disco of "klubb kebabb" by around 6 years, this album is instead packed with hazy, warm balearic beats that channel the likes of lemon jelly and royksopp. beautiful music that is best listened to under a palm tree.
"nattvandring" is typical of the warm, breezy vibe and old-school cinematic sounds on "sondag". have a listen:

Rune Lindbaek - Nattvandring

grab "sondag" here.

and finally, this is a remix that prins thomas did of lindbaek & lindstrom's track "aliens in my pocket" back in '04. it is absolutely one of my favourite thomas remixes with its driving drums, funky, progressive bass and delicate, ethereal synth touches. amazing.

Lindbaek & Lindstom - Aliens In My Pocket (Prins Thomas Remix)

cant wait to explore this place and find some local finnish and scandinavian djs and bands! very excited.


Anonymous said...

you legend steve, glad you made it safe mate. send me an email at work, can't find your personal email. jim

Acid Midget said...

How's the architecture in Helsinki?
Ah! Jokes! Miss you Steve.