Friday 12 August 2011

Make 1 2

Friday 12 August 2011

sometimes life is just so hard.. two weeks working on my tan in croatia, followed by 3 days of musical intrigue at flow festival. (sighs) the only way i can conquer such misery is to spend a goodly amount of time today on the couch, soothing my over-stressed mind with some smooth beats..

mr arthur russell shouldn't need any introduction.. his classic, lo-fi sounds are perfect for all forms of couch session, and his song "make 1 2" is no different. sprinkled with horns, percussion and a gently persuasive keyboard line, "make 1 2" is doing more than just fine on my pre-pre festival drinks rotation.

crazy penis tracks are very rarely unfunky or unsophisticated, but what yam who? has done to their track "omega man" is nearly criminal.. solid, funky basslines, bongos, and a ethereal synth that brings it all down to earth in a nice, sophisticated way. shake yourself up an apple martini and enjoy this one:

this track features on crazy penis' "a nice hot edit with..." edit compilation. you can have a listen to that here.

and last but absolutely not least this afternoon is "le long de la riviere tendre" by sebastien tellier.. a mind-bogglingly awesome piece of work that featured on the tellier composed "narco" soundtrack from '04.
for me personally, this is easily one of the finest chill out songs going around. the fluttering, flighty synths are so powerfully evocative, and when paired with lazily melancholic strains of tellier's keys, real actual magic is made.

you can grab the narco soundtrack here. highly recommended.

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