Monday, 7 May 2012

Telonius & Chemise

Monday, 7 May 2012

We seem to have pitched a tent in some pretty dark areas of late. Hope you don't mind if we get a bit happier for a sec? It is Monday after all.

German deep disco demi-god and Gomma love child Telonius has recently released a new EP entitled 'Out'.
To be honest, I haven't been keeping abreast of Telonius' goings-ons at all, and while his funky disco house basslines are still impressing, it is the addition of deeper, smoother elements that really get the points. Check out the title track:

Telonius - Out

Pick up the rest of Telonius' 'Out' EP here. The remixes by Nico Purman and Ramon Tapia are definitely worth a look.

And just to lighten things up even more, here is an electro-funk classic from '82 in the form of Chemise's 'She Can't Love You'. Irrepressible synth hooks and some catchy vocals. What a winner:

Chemise - She Can't Love You

Upon further research, it appears that this track was featured in some form of perfume advertisement in the UK. For all you reading this in ye olde UK - I'm sorry if this offends or seems a bit naff, but this is way too fun a track to be spoiled by an ad.
To pick up your very own wax version of 'She Can't Love You', head here.


Black Amex said...

Ooooh we loved that Chemise track and used it in a mix a while back. Then these boys at QVC disco opened their show with a different mix of it that was extra hot. Wish we knew what it was!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Silky smooth.

Steve said...

Yeah! What a smooth track. Definitely one to keep coming back to.

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