Thursday, 17 January 2008

hey. yo.

Thursday, 17 January 2008

hi and welcome to blouse. we are big blouses.
my name is steve.

the things i do in my time include designing things at work, catching public transport, drinking, sleeping, swimming and listening to lots of different sorts of music.
With a little luck and a lot of effort i will share some of these beats with all y'all.

I've just moved up to the big smoke from the little smoke and am slowly starting to find my way around. So many things to do here which is fine by me.

me and rach/rach and i recently came across sydney's next kickarse(hole) production team SHADES. after very little thought we decided that their song 'Colours' was a great way to say g'day to blouse. drawing on elements of alan braxe, daft punk and all things tasty (like a croissant), its as solid as it gets.

Shades - Colours

These boys are just out of the blocks and have more up their sleeve so stay tooned.


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