Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Terrible Tuesday

Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Well well well... what a terrible day it has been. in fact- what i terrible TUESday it has been.
We all know that Mr Cotton Wool somehow nestles his wooly ass cheeks on either side of our brains precisely 3 (three) days after a massive night.
For me - that massive night was Saturday. This means that today (being 3 days after said massive night) has been spent as a useless prick with a headache.
It also meant Bright Eyes and old acid jazz on repeat. Bright Eyes on a day like today is the best thing ever.
Actually, Bright Eyes any day is the best thing ever.
Try and tell me that this song is not the scissors that slowly cut off any ol' Mr Cotton Wool related frowns, upside-down smiles or retardation. Try. Try.

Bright Eyes - First Day of My Life.

See- you can't.

In other news thanks to everyone in Canberra that managed to come down to Exposed on Friday night and enjoyed a birthday shot with me. Yeah thats right- thanks. Thanks a lot- i ended up spewing all night.
Happy birthday also to Ben- man your party was rockin' on sat- what an awesome night. Loved the dress as well mate.

Also pumped for Big Day Out this Fri- what an amazing line up! But why did they have it on the Friday before Australia Day? Think it would of been way better on the Saturday? Just putting that out there.

Anyway- for all of you who are keen to dance away their post BDO blues and/or prolong the inevitable attack of three-day-itis and live in Sydney check out the Rooftop Party at the Eastern. Rooftop parties are always wild- especially if the sun is out.
It is hosted by the Heat and also features Cutters Records prodigy Knightlife and local boys Shades.

Since we have already featured two of the three main acts to play at the Rooftop Party, I reckon its only fair that we feature the last - Knightlife.
They boy spits out some mad electro bangers- sounds kinda like cut copy or justice after bloody beetroots or boyz noize had sprayed something all over their chests.

Cobra Dukes - Leave the Light On (Knightlife Remix)

Knightlife - All Systems



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