Thursday 28 February 2008

Poetic licence

Thursday 28 February 2008

photo: Jack Walsh

poetry is something that has never come particularly easy to me.. my grasp of the english language is weak at the very very best of times- even considering my caucasian upbringing AND my 'Communications' degree.

for some reason however today i feel somewhat inspired to bust out some serially poetic rhymes on some seriously unsuspecting asses...
i wont however.
i think i shall spare myself the embarassment.
instead, i might speculate on the possible motives behind my poetic leanings? please?

I have often heard it said around streets, book recitals and parks that: 'I WAS BLIND BUT NOW I CAN SEE'.
For me, this statement is now an especially relevant one. For you see, i was once all but legally blind, but now find myself with 20/20 vision, thanks to the miracles of modern (if somewhat painful) science, technology and medicine. lasers to be specific.
now that i am (almost) out of my valium and xanax induced stupor the glee at my new found sight is spreading around my mind, body and soul like an infectious disease. whoo and whee for me. I CAN SEE.

the poetry continues however as i find myself at a comfortable room temperature at my desk whilst my housemate and other outdoorsy workers slave in the rain.
i ventured out for lunch today to the beautiful westpac building and man it was cold. dyke-DAM cold.
Iam not for ONE second attempting to brag at this state of affairs though. I am merely using the rain/tempertaure as segue into introducing some songs that have jazz-funk fusioning their way into my ears whilst i have been ensconced here at my d-iz-esk.
I read over at Disco Delicious about the poorish state of electro(nic) music at the moment.. and i'd have to say that i agree..
so i guess that means ill have to dig through the old blouse record crate and pull out some old potato gems

Soulwax - E Talking (Rex the Dog Mix)

Alex Romano - Get Down Rock It Up (Bass Kleph Mix)

oh. MORE life poetry you ask? Well, Rach, me and the Blouse crew happen to be d'ing and j'ing (DJing) our very first button mashing Street Kombat style combo event tomorrow night at Scary Canary (on Kent St for all y'all interested sydneysiders)..
And what a way to join forces for the first time, as interested patrons, friends, colleagues, general trashbags and partypants are coming in from every single direction! yay! Check out at: Bamboozled

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