Monday 12 May 2008

i miss you but im goin back to the west coast

Monday 12 May 2008

photo by Hobo Gestapo
what i will be looking at this week^^
what i would like to be looking at this week

you know what the best sort of week is?? the sort of week where you dont have to work.. sorta like the one that im in the middle of right now.. bessstttt..

so yea no work.. no tiredness after said work.. no shitty food because im too tired to make said food.. (no dell..) all ive got is sleep-ins, wii, beach, a touch of footy, mad perth-ness.. and russ chimes on fri.. besssstttt

i missed russ chimes at candys last weekend but am stoked to be seeing him this saturday at shape in perth.. s t o k e d.. hopefully everyone in the world that is into 80s-ish uplifting electro house has heard him and/or his songs.. they are AWESOME.
he has been a bit of blog favorite for ages and has probably been featured on like every blog, but here- let me join the party.. i would prefer not to, but cos im seeing him soon im getting kinda excited.

Russ Chimes - Mulsanne

The Millioners - Body Into Use (Russ Chimes Remix)

Chromeo - Fancy Footwork (Russ Chimes Remix)

please if you havent heard of him download all of the above songs. and also click here and download every other song made by him ever. ive been rockin mulsanne for a lonnggg time.. such a classic. and that chromeo remix is up there with the best...
i think he is perhaps like a more jacked fred falke? or maybe a more electro-ie, big-room friendly lifelike???

so will ive been chillaxing on my little mini holiday i have had the chance to watch the ever.......... awesome...... video hits.. i think it seems like the music on such shows and etc has gone away from gay rnb and what not and more into bands and what not.. cut copy and presets are also riding the waves of this electro rock phase... am i a jealous/bad person for getting cranky when i see cut copy on rove or over hearing the the presets on some baby wannabe hipsters ipod?? hmmm?

so to get back at these popsters im going to steal one of their tracks.

Alphabeat - Fascination

im aware that this song is pretty fifteen year oldish but yo i like it for some reason.. its got some wicked happiness and a mad huey lewis sort of sound.. the bloke and chick harmonies are catchy as as well.. i just wanna :) or :D at this song.

but probably not :| :( or :{ :[

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