Friday, 23 May 2008

lads and lads

Friday, 23 May 2008

Photo by Hobo Gestapo

im not really sure that it would be fair to do a 'ladies and ladies' post without doing a 'boys and boys' post.. we try not to be sexist here at blouse...... and luckily there have been some seriously good tracks that i have come across to balance shit up yo..

ok lets organise these tracks according to how this weekend will hopefully go for me..

buzz (pumped for weekend- tracks to start exciting me)

The Mystery Jets - Girl Shaped Gun

The Mystery Jets - Two Doors Down

VHS or BETA - We Could Be One

VHS or BETA - Burn It All Down (Fred Falke Remix) cheers Waves at Night!

i love these bands to listen to whilst drinking or inflating my excitement- so happy, so disco-ee but still with plenty of edge.. i first heard of the Mystery Jets about 2 years ago on the Bang Gang mix 'cum and sweat'.. i couldnt find anything about them back then and im really stoked that they have finally made it big..
the apparent first single off their album 'Twenty One" is the Erol Alkan produced 'Two Doors Down' and while it isnt the most intelligent song it sure is funky and how good are the drums in it? possibly a dark horse club banger??
the best thing about the Mystery Jets (and the thing that seperates them from other SHITE brit-pop groups) is the way that they have embraced the whole disco thing.. synths and dance beats really complete their sound.
and what needs to be said about VHS or BETA?? disco rock at its finest. cant wait to see them.

reason why we buzz in the first place

Wolfgang Gartner - Montezuma

Classixx - Cold Act III (Wolfgang Gartner Mix)

Tim Phinn, Midnight Youth - Supernatural (Kam Denny & Paul Zala Remix)

Alex Metric - Pins

not exactly subtle or particularly edgy but what the hey.. catchy tunes are always good.. i dont know very much about any of these producers.. what i do know is that Wolfgang Gartner is BLOWING UP beatport at the moment- everything he touches seems to turns to gold.. im not exactly sure what makes his brand of electro house so much better than everyone elses but it really is. i think he must have nailed that whole hard distorted electro with a heavy dose of melodious house thing right on the head.
and despite the fact that i dont know who he is, Alex Metric really makes some tight electro rock house.. again not sure who he is but he has pumped out some pretty rad tunes.

struggles dealing with afterwards

ahh have found so much cool chilled electronic beats by the lads recently... so good.. so good to not only come down with at the beach but also to work to.

Adam K, Soha - Twilight

Kaskade - 4AM (Adam K, Soha Mix)

Junior Boys - Double Shadow

Junior Boys - Count Souvenirs

hmmm on second thoughts i think these beats would actually be good to fall asleep to after the struggle has been completed but whatevs- theyre still quality tracks..
i have heard about the junior boys around the traps now for a while without knowing who they were.. apparently the review of their last album 'So This Is Goodbye' (9/10) got posted twice on Pitchfork to emphasis how GOOD it is.. so yeah.

anyway thats all from me.. enjoy the weekend- hopefully my musical weekend will fall somewhere along these lines.

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