Wednesday 2 July 2008


Wednesday 2 July 2008

when i listen to an album like french producer Tepr's new one - Cote Quest - i cant help but think how different and potentially important it is. i guess i sort of felt the same when i listened to cut copy or the mars volta's first albums.

i wasn't exactly sure what to expect when i first flicked it on- my first impression of Tepr was off his old remix of yelle, which i really wasnt impressed with.
since then though, he has definitely refined and cleaned up his sound which is welcome indeedee. so.. i guess the best way to describe his sound is as a combination of epic justicey french house with hip hop and a good measure of video game and old school synths. but i reckon the sound is more than the sum of these parts.... it sort of feels like it belongs in a genre of its own..

Tepr - My Friend Guo Ran

Tepr - Muchas Tetas, Poco Sexo

its hard to describe exactly what makes this album so important.. although these songs are awesome- i doubt you will get what im saying without hearing the album.
but anyway.. enough with this grandiose shite.. enjoy these songs- they rock socks. tits yeyo and yum yum is my early fave- at precisely 3.14 it goes CRAZY... seriously the best video game music i have EVER heard- way better than kavinsky.

Tepr - Tits, Yeyo & Yum Yum

his newer remixes are off da chain as well.. i really am so impressed with how much he has picked up his production skills since that yelle remix.

Santogold - Aha (Tepr Remix)

Rafale - Rock It (Tepr Remix)

Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Tepr Remix)

i reckon theres big things ahead for tepr- keep your eyes peeled
ive tried to track down where you can actually buy his album from with no luck- if anyone knows can you let me know?


danosaur!! said...

i believe "Cote Quest" is actually from 2005. He does have a "new" album from last year titled "En Direct De La Cote"

tepr is a killer for sure either way.

Steve said...

haha well i was well off.. oh well like you say, still quality tunes

Anonymous said...

i've found his records here : (his label)
and also here (but you have to speak french) :

Anonymous said...

Dude, check his 2003 album "the deadly master of rappers from hell", you will see his talent isn't anywhere new or next to yelle's remix.

This album is also pure gold, like his 2 most famous