Wednesday, 2 July 2008

sold old

Wednesday, 2 July 2008

man i loved the music that i heard out when i was a younger pup.. seemed a lot more genuine. sure it was dominated by ministry cheese (in canberra).. but hey.. thats what i had to deal with. (yes ministry and genuine music are contradictions).

anyway- ive recently found this little klaas vinyl rip from late '07 that takes me back to these heady old days .. i cant decide if i love, hate or mediumly like it though.

Klaas - The Way

Klaas - The Way (Roman Salzger Remix)

Klaas - The Way (Hype Remix)

Klaas - The Way (Night Remix)

upon further listens im pretty sure that this is just some typical electro house cheese but i do enjoy certain elements.. the rock guitar parts are cool- especially on the hype remix that really expands on this idea. the roman salzger and night mixes are totally different, with the roman salzger track being a 'slammin' chris lake style affair and the night mix going on a cool little electro convoy chilled style.
so yeah- im sure that these days most people wont particularly dig these tracks what with the indie and kitsune and ed banger- but give them a chance- they might remind you of the olden days. ahh nostalgia.

Ce Ce Peniston - Finally (Vandalism Remix)

the name vandalism should be ringing massive cheese alarm bells but this track surely would have been an absolute corker a few years ago- and prob would still pack people onto a d-floor with its slight fidget vibe

ahh cheese..


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