Friday 18 July 2008

reach out

Friday 18 July 2008

ahhhhhhhhhhhhh the weekend.. so close......
haha blouse is sooo predictable with its weekly fri celebration

Trash Yourself & The Toxic Avenger - Song 2

yes this song is a blur - song 2 remix.. im sure your looking at it thinking how cheesy it will be.. and your right- it a very cheesy electro house track.. SO cheesy. but somehow also awesome.
i dont know if its the 'tude laden female vocals, the amped up cymbals or just the straight up and down nu-ravey electro fun but somehow this track is like a delicious slice of camembert.. or olde english cheese from subway.. how funny is the guy at the end saying how is ears are bleeding..
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The B52's - Juliette in the Spirits (Saint Pauli Remix)

this Saint Pauli remix is slightly more classy than the song 2 remix but still a whole barrel of fun.. very knightlife-ish and not at all what i thought i would be considering it was originally a track by the B-52's. not like love shack at all. i love remixes from left field like this one..

have a good weekend y'all

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Anonymous said...

Song 2 is amazing - the original and this one! I want more posts from you guys!

Check out a new mix from DJ Klever and old mixes from Crookers, Ajax, Tranter, K.I.M. from Presets, Cajuan and Aston Shuffle on MIXD UPT.

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