Monday 14 July 2008


Monday 14 July 2008

all this nice cruise(ier) electronic music coming my way is fantastic.. maybe its just cos im getting older and older everyday, but as my 'most played' in itunes would surely attest, i seem to only listen to the more relaxed side of electronic music (for relaxed read: not blowing my ears/head off)..

another wicked chilled electronic group that ive come across recently are Syclops from the uk.
i really hate the term 'experimental' to describe a band/producers. for me it either conjures up images of frizzy haired scientists behind synths or some wanky hipsters attempting to work out how to use their instruments, failing, but still releasing the resulting mess.
Syclops are a bit of an exception to this rule however. i reckon 'experimental' fits them perfectly, although that is probably just because ive never heard anything like them before. such an amazing mish mash of a million different synth-ee squeeks and beeps, live drums, drum machines......
haha i think syclops are actually a combination of my previous conceptions of 'experimental'- frizzy haired (and probably wanky) hipster scientists that REALLY know how to use their instruments who make some quirky beats and release them.

Syclops - Where's Jason K

Syclops - Naoka's F

'where's jason k' is a radularly playful track that builds and builds and then brings it back down.. one thing i would love to know is how the hell that bass line doesnt get old?
reminds me of the rub off by plump djs..

i also just go sent this track called 'superstar' by a group called 'shock of pleasure' which is a cover of the carpenters 1971 hit..

Shock of Pleasure - Superstar

superstar is such a nice track as well- would slot straight into the virgin suicides soundtrack with its very air-like bass and guitars..

HAPPY WYD 2K8 FOR ALL YOU PILGRIMS!! cant wait for you all to get the hell out of our city..

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Anonymous said...

syclops is maurice fulton. ;)